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Who can apply for a Membership?
 1. Any Limousine Company, if this business:
  • Comply with all local, state and federal regulations related to livery operators.
  • Has a proper liability (livery) insurance regulated by local, state, federal or country authority.
  • Has a legal address, telephone number and internet presence or email.
  • Is able to operate within a minimum of 75 miles radius from the base.
  • Can other transportation companies apply for a membership?
       No, we will not register any other type of transportation company-(except shuttle companies), additionally we will not register any company which is re-booking international or national reservations.

    Is Limousine Directory different, than other limousine advertisers on the Internet?
      1. Yes, because all advertisers are different.
        We just the largest and least expensive (free) advertiser on the market. Please compare:
  • Most companies are charging from $5.50 to over $20.00 per month for registration.
  • Some advertisers are charging limousine company for each lead from about 50/75 cents to $1.50 or more, ( but company must to receive and pay for 10, 20 or more leads to generate one real reservation ), additionally several limousine companies are paying for the same leads.
  •  2. Limousine Directory is offering simple solution:
  • No registration fee
  • No setup fee
  • No charge per listing.
  • No charge per leads.
  • Unlimited transfers.
  • Unlimited leads.
  • If company website include "Quote Request" and/or "Reservation" forms, listing will include direct links to these forms.
  • Limousine Directory Members will be listed in:
  • (prominent - main office location)
  • (prominent - main office location)
  • (main office location)
  • Member may be listed in 3(three) major/international airports and 2(two) local / county airports- (listing limited to 10 limousine companies in most airports).
  • Member may be listed in 4(four) cities/towns located within 75 miles from company location and also city/town where company is headquartered.
  • Each listing will have a link to company website, a brief description about his business - (up to 300 characters) and toll free or regular phone number.
  • Listing position is subject to availability of space as well as the registration date/time.
  • Do members has any obligations to the Limousine Directory?
     1. Yes! (3)
  • If limousine company website contains link(s) to limousine advertiser(s), then our image and / or link must be display the same way as others or you may chose to eliminate all limousine advertisers from your website.
  • Any information request, request for quote or reservation trafficked by our website and emailed to the members must be answered to the client within 24 hours.
  • All companies are responsible for performing limousine service to the best of their ability and honorable fashion.
  • Any violation of the mentioned requirements is subject to immediate removal from our service.
    Cancellation of the Membership.
      If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, you can email cancellation notice to Membership Department using our Contact Form and your Company will be removed from our service immediately.

    To apply for a Membership    CLICK HERE

    Limousine Directory reserves the right to approve or deny membership to any Company.


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